Top Ten Tuesday/ Fall 2019 TBR

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September 24: Books On My Fall 2019 TBR

Full Disclosure
Full Disclosure
by Camryn Garrett


Duplicity (Duplicity, #1)
(Duplicity #1)
by K.T. Knight
Lady Gabrielle (Huntington Saga Short Stories #1)
Lady Gabrielle
(Huntington Saga Short Stories #1)
by Ellise C. Weaver
Holding On (Holding On, #1)
Holding On
(Holding On #1)
by Rachael Brownell
Shattered Rose (Winsor, #1)
Shattered Rose
(Winsor #1)
by T.L. Gray
A Slip in Time
A Slip in Time
by Kathleen Kirkwood
Remember When (Remember Trilogy, #1)
Remember When
(Remember Trilogy #1)
by T. Torrest
Paper or Plastic
Paper or Plastic
by Vera Linton
Sea Scoundrel (Knave of Hearts #1)
Sea Scoundrel
(Knave of Hearts Series #1)
by Annette Blair
Hello, My Love! (Between Two Worlds, #1)
Hello, My Love!
(Between Two Worlds #1)
by E. Journey

As you can see, this booklist looks weird.  Let me tell you why I grabbed the oldest ten in my kindle and put them on my ‘to be read pile.’ However, it was back in 2015 when I got my first kindle app, and I got every free book I could find on Amazon because all of a sudden, my access to books wasn’t that limited anymore.

So, as a result, I ended up with a ton of books that I know nothing about, to add salt to the wound my 19-year-old self taste in books is very different than what I like in a book today. Therefore, I said to myself why don’t you play a bit of book roulette and that why I didn’t put any blurbs in this post because I don’t want to spoil accidentally by reading what the book is about, however, I have a feeling that I won’t be finishing so of these books. So, wish me luck.





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