Off The Topic Thursdays/ Tips On Socializing At Work

Okay, so here what’s going on, my computer picked up the topic socialism. However, I know nothing about politics. So instead I’m writing a post of tips that can help you be more social. I do get social anxiety, and at times I can’t cope with socializing at all. So, hopefully, this post will help some people out.


Be Polite and Respect

If you are starting a new job or feel like you need to socialise more with your co-workers, a good ice breaker can be as simple as a good morning and a smile to get the conversation going. Questions like ‘How are you? or Have a nice day.’ Can help build a working relationship. It’s always a good idea to avoid topics like politics, religion, race or other subjects that might create conflict.

Give and Take Feedback

A lot of times, when your boss or co-workers give you feedback is for you to get better at what you do. It will provide you with a guideline on what you need to improve on and the things that work to keep yourself on track with the job needs. When you give feedback, it will also help with any issues that might come up, and it provides a more peacefully work environment.

Showing Appreciation and Trust

It doesn’t take a ton of money to show appreciation sometimes, just saying thank you will do the job when your boss or co-worker helps you with a task or work situation and great way of doing so is by telling them that you value their input and opinion. Trust is significant, especially when you’re working in a team when you know that the people, you’re working with can pull their weight in the task or project it helps to create less anxiety on everyone.




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