Dolphin In Pink

When I saw this on Facebook, I knew I wanted to blog about it, so that’s what I’m doing today. We live such face-paced lives that at times, we don’t stop and appreciate the beauty of nature around us.

About 12 years ago was the first sighting of the pink dolphin by captain Erik Rue noticed her as a calf swimming next to ‘normal’ coloured mum in a Louisiana ship channel. The captain reported that “the dolphin is pink from its tail to the tip and has red eyes. Its skin is smooth and glossy. According to the experts, her colouring is due to a rare genetic mutation which makes her an unusual river dolphin.

So, when Pinky was spotted mating, everyone’s hopes were up, and sure enough, the next time she was located, she had something as pink as her with her. Yes, you guessed right she had her new calf with her. With the birth of the new calf, hopes are that this nearly to extinction dolphin will help increase the population with the same genetic mutation as her mother.

Fun fact Pinky doesn’t seem to be phased by the environment or sunlight, and it appears that she enjoys staying below the surface. Pinky is a magical creature that brings a smile to whoever set eyes on her.


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