A Family Of Ducklings

Image From Pixabay A mother duck Carefully builds up a nest With bits and pieces Adding some of her own feathers To keep her little ones Warm and safe She will fight like a lion for them Going to great lengths To give them a life Until it’s time for them To fly away Alex

Top Ten Tuesday/ Nature’s Beauty Covers

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by thatartsyreadergirl with a new topic every week. May 11: Books with Nature on the Cover (flowers, trees, landscapes, animals, etc.) When I blogged the Top 5 Wednesday last week, I didn’t realise how similar both prompts are. So, I’m picking books that remind me of nature in any way. That sunset … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday/ Nature’s Beauty Covers

The Bird (Guest Post)

Image from Pixabay I hear a symphonyin the world around meas I go througheach passing day.From the thump of machineryto a bird's song,the whisper of the windand the hum of tires on asphalt.Everything in the worldmakes a songfor those who listen,A quiet tuneborn of an invisible creatorunique to the worldyou wander through.Sometimes I only catchbits … Continue reading The Bird (Guest Post)