Teddies For Comfort

This is how a young boy started to collect teddies to give to kids that are going through any kind of trauma. It all began when Lorcan and his mum Dolores were watching a show that talks about a children’s hospital in Manchester. Lorcan’s mum explained to him that this girl on tv has just lost her parents in an accident and the police have given her a teddy bear to bring her some comfort.

Lorcan stood up and asked his mother for a bag and went into his room and bagged all his teddies his mum asked him what he is doing and he said that he is collecting all his toys to the kids that need it like that one on TV. As this quote shows, Lorcan thought about all the mums that can’t give teddies to their kids.

“He said mummy remember that teddy I gave you when you were sick? Well, I want to give these teddies away to the other children whose mummies might be sick as well, so that’s where it all came from.’’

From there, the journey started to collect 550 teddies. As his message began to gain speed, Enniskillen Nursery where he attends and Model Primary School where he will study the following year took it upon them to start collecting teddies for the cause of the four-year-old. Lorcan went around the neighbourhood and the neighbours for bears. When they heard the story, the businesses wanted to get involved by creating collecting points where people can bring bags of teddies.

Lorcan is showing no sign on slowing down even if his living room is already full of bears and he is looking for a new home for them. Like his mum said he wants to donate to the PSNI just like that policeman on TV has done.

Lorcan McCafferry with some of the teddy bears he has collected.



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