One Powerful Message

As you guys know, I’m always on the lookout for any LGBTQIA+ stories, and today I found one and I wanted to share it with you. Sometimes it takes as little as a t-shirt saying dad’s free hugs to bring some enjoyment and peace to this world.

Howie Dittman went to the Pittsburgh Pride Parade with a compelling message on his t-shirt it said ‘Free Dad Hugs’. Luckily he went to the pride because he wasn’t even going but changed his mind after his after a friend said she was going to pride wearing a shirt that says ‘Free Mum Hugs’ he decided to join.

It was clear the impact that those three words had on the people there. Most people just sobbed in his arms; some told him their stories, but I’m sure they all had one thing in common they carried pain and needed a hug and a parent figure to give them that human love and start the road to healing.

A few months The Malta Gay Right Movement came out with the slogan #curehatenotlove, and that’s what I remind myself every time someone tries to put me down or discriminated me just because I’m who I was meant to be, or who I choose to love.

free dad hugs pride parade




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