Non Fiction Recommendtions

Image is from Pexels I get that this post looks a bit out of the blue, and the reality is that it is. I miscalculated and didn’t prepare a post for tomorrow, but then I remembered that we are heading into November. Some in the book community take the time to read some nonfiction books, … Continue reading Non Fiction Recommendtions


Top Five Wednesday/ Female Figures

Top Five Wednesday, which right now is taken over by the author Laura A Grace. Top Five Wednesday is a weekly book prompt that might help you pick your next read. August 3rd: Strong FemalesMore and more in fiction, we are seeing a stronger emphasis on female characters who are no damsels-in-distress. They take charge … Continue reading Top Five Wednesday/ Female Figures

Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror/ Our Father

Image from Google Yesterday, I saw two documentaries, and both left me with many thoughts that I feel the need to write about. The two had one thing in common, crimes against women. For some time, I had a hard time with the topic of feminism. Transmen get heavily judged when fighting for women’s rights, … Continue reading Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror/ Our Father