Read-A-Thin August Announcement And TBR

Oh Gosh, Manda and Donna just announced the challenges for Readathin August 2022. So, I guess it’s time to place my 200 books TBR in place, which will take a minute. I peaked at the prompts, and for now, I’m just adding the books that I think might work.

What Is Readathin?

Read-a-thin takes place in February, May, August, and November every year and is a month-long. It is hosted by Donna at momsbookcollection and Amanda from MANDA THE BIBLEO. It started in 2017 by Amanda, and then Donna joined the team.


Reading Prompts:

Brightly Coloured Cover – Find a cover that has bright colours or a bright colour on it.

Goodreads Blurb:

An inspirational memoir-meets-manifesto by Danica Roem, the nation’s first openly trans person elected to US state legislature

Danica Roem made national headlines when–as a transgender former frontwoman for a metal band and a political newcomer–she unseated Virginia’s most notoriously anti-LGBTQ 26-year incumbent Bob Marshall as state delegate. But before Danica made history, she had to change her vision of what was possible in her own life. Doing so was a matter of storytelling: during her campaign, Danica hired an opposition researcher to dredge up every story from her past that her opponent might seize on to paint her negatively.

In wildly entertaining prose, Danica dismantles all the stories her opponents tried to hedge against her, showing how through brutal honesty and loving authenticity, it’s possible to embrace the low points, and even transform them into her greatest strengths. Burn the Page takes readers from Danica’s lonely, closeted, and at times operatically tragic childhood to her position as a rising star in a party she’s helped forever change. Burn the Page is so much more than a stump speech: it’s an extremely inspiring manifesto about how it’s possible to set fire to the stories you don’t want to be in anymore, whether written by you or about you by someone else–and rewrite your own future, whether that’s running for politics, in your work, or your personal life. This book will not just encourage people who think they have to be spotless to run for office, but inspire all of us to own our personal narratives as Danica does.

Random Number Generate A Book – Find out how many books are on your TBR and generate the number for the book you will read.

I will do this one when I add all the books.

Read a Book That Was Published in June, July, or August of Any Year – Find a book that is published in June, July or August the year does not matter.

Goodreads Blurb:

Born with deaf-blindness, Girma grew up with enough vision to know when someone was in front of her and enough hearing to know when someone close to her was talking. However, she had difficulty reading facial features or distinguishing people in group conversations. Relying on her own problem-solving skills, Girma overcame roadblocks while simultaneously obtaining her undergraduate and then law degree.

In the process, she developed new methods of communication and found her calling in advocating for the deaf and blind communities in more accessible communication, education, and employment opportunities. As a lawyer and advocate, Girma shares a collection of vignettes illustrating the defining points in her life. She peppers her writing with a witty sense of humor and showcases her strength in facing obstacles, along with challenging antiquated societal beliefs about people with disabilities, whether describing her experience climbing Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier or helping a drunk friend get to his dorm by using her seeing-eye dog that he adores as a lure.

Read a Queer Book – Read a book with queer rep in it.

Goodreads Blurb:

There are trans people here in the past, the present, and the future. H. Melt’s writing centers the deep care, love, and joy within trans communities. This poetry collection describes moments of resistance in queer and trans history as catalysts for movements today. It honors trans ancestors and contemporary activists, artists, and writers fighting for trans liberation. There Are Trans People Here is a testament to the healing power of community and the beauty of trans people, history, and culture

Reminds You of Your Fave Song – Pick your favorite song and find a book that you think would match the tune, lyrics or anything.

The song I picked is The Village by Wrabel, and I paired it with Once a Girl, Always a Boy: A Family Memoir of a Transgender Journey by Jo Ivester.

Goodreads Blurb:

Jeremy Ivester is a transgender man. Thirty years ago, his parents welcomed him into the world as what they thought was their daughter. As a child, he preferred the toys and games our society views as masculine. He kept his hair short and wore boys’ clothing. They called him a tomboy. That’s what he called himself.

By high school, when he showed no interest in flirting, his parents thought he might be lesbian. At twenty, he wondered if he was asexual. At twenty-three, he surgically removed his breasts. A year later, he began taking the hormones that would lower his voice and give him a beard—and he announced his new name and pronouns.

Once a Girl, Always a Boy is Jeremy’s journey from childhood through coming out as transgender and eventually emerging as an advocate for the transgender community. This is not only Jeremy’s story but also that of his family, told from multiple perspectives—those of the siblings who struggled to understand the brother they once saw as a sister, and of the parents who ultimately joined him in the battle against discrimination. This is a story of acceptance in a world not quite ready to accept.

Read Your Favorite Genre/Trope – What is your favorite Genre or Trope? read a book from your list.

Goodreads Blurb:

Addie has always known what she was running toward. In cross-country, in life, in love. Until she and her boyfriend—her sensitive, good-guy boyfriend—are careless one night and she ends up pregnant. Addie makes the difficult choice to have an abortion. And after that—even though she knows it was the right decision for her—nothing is the same anymore. She doesn’t want anyone besides her parents and her boyfriend to know what happened; she doesn’t want to run cross-country; she can’t bring herself to be excited about anything. Until she reconnects with Juliana, a former teammate who’s going through her own dark places.

Friend Rec – Ask a friend for a book recommendation.

Okay, I cheated; I showed my sister my kindle, and she picked By Earth (The Witches of Portland #1) by T. Thorn Coyle

Written by an Author of Colour – Book with an author of colour!

Read a Summer-y Book – Read a book with a summer-y cover, plot or just anything you think could be summer-y to you.

Buddy Read – Our buddy read this month is Girls of Paper and Fire.

Read a Book Toward a Yearly Goal – Do you have a certain book you need to finish this year or a goal you need to use a book for.. read it.

The Pandemonium of Pets is the last book in Love & Pets series by A.G. Henley.

Read a Book You Started But Never Finished – Did you not finish this book yet…. well now is the time for you to finish it.

I don’t think I have one>

Self-Care Prompts:

Self Care Day – Make a day of relaxing things for you. Bath, t.v. time, reading time, anything you feel would be self care do it.

Make A Couple Goals – Make some goals for the month to get ahead of things in life.

30 min screen break – Easy this would be a perfect time for some reading or cleaning.

Read for at least 20 mins outside or with the window open (if possible) – Read outside or by a window.

Start a new habit – Do you have a habit you want to start? Journaling, working out, cooking at home everyday or drink more water?

Participate in a reading sprint – Reading sprints over on Twitter or Discord.

Reorganize shelf (online or physical) – This is the time to get those shelves organized.

Organize something – Do you have a random spot in your home you need to organize? do it.

Start a new “possible” hobby – Is there a hobby you have had your eye on but just have not started it. Now is the time.

Set a reading goal – Set a reading goal for the month, how many books or pages would you like to read? or how many prompts you want to do?

Find a new YouTube/Podcast – Do you want youtube or listen to podcasts, time to find a new person to watch… if you do not, how about watching a t.v. show or finidng a new book to read.

Start a journal – Do you like to journal? time to start? it can be a random how was your day, reading journal, junk journal, anything you set your mind on.

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Instagram | Twitter | Blog | Youtube

Sorry if this post looks a bit rushed because I did run out of time, but nonetheless, I’m very excited for next month.



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