October’s Wrap Up 2020

The Star Of David


Behind The Lens 

Pit Bull

Trans At 21




Dear Bullies



In October, I read as many thrillers/mysteries as I could. The one I gave 5 stars was The Missing: A Small Town Kidnapping Mystery (A Riveting Kidnapping Mystery #11) by Roger Hayden. It kept me on toes for what was going to happen next.

The Missing: A Small Town Kidnapping Mystery

On the job front, I’m still without one, even if I’ve been looking. There aren’t many opportunities around of things I can do, since Malta is still fighting covid. However, I’m not giving up and taking this time to pre-blog and finish writing my novel.

I read 74 books this month and been writing a fair bit. I have been hanging out with friends and try to relax, giving myself to put my life back in place. I have some transition news that I will share with guys later on this month with a post. I’m taking part in Read-a-thin and NaNoWriMo as an effort to finish my novel. Check out the announcement post here.



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