Top 5 Wednesday/ Books Written By Black Authors

It used to by hosted Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes and Lainey @ gingerreadslainey. Now it is being hosted by Gabriela  @Violet Hawthorne so go check her out!

This Week’s Prompt:

July 1st: Black Representation
You can go as broad or niche with this category as you’d like, and present it in any way you want. You could recommend creators or authors, or books in a specific genre or that contain a specific trope, you might even do books that are set in a specific location or books that you have yet to read.

I’m sorry this month’s posts are a bit of mess since I do pre-blog and life got in the way as always. Some of the books that I’ll be talking about today were planned in July TBR, which is an upcoming post. However, this human (me) read more than I thought I could so I already read some of the books on July’s list.


Sugar is a middle-grade book about a girl who is called Sugar. She’s only teen but already a slave, which is heart-breaking.

Tyler Johnson Was Here

Reading Marvin’s story (the main character) left me feeling sad and angry because I don’t get the hate that humans have for their own kind just because they have a darker skin tone.

All Boys Aren't Blue

All Boys Aren’t Blue is a memoir by George M. Johnson, who gives us an honest view of what’s like to be queer and black.


Felix Ever After

This book made me feel powerful and taught me to give myself time to understand who I really am.

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body

I’m really sure that I’ll be thinking about this book for years to come especially while facing life issues.


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