Love Me Till The End (A Guest Post by My Sister)

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A lot of people say that there is no such thing as love at first sight or true love but although it may be rare it can all come true when you meet the right person at the right time. And that is what happened to Emily and Liam when they met took the first glance of each other for the first time, and in the back of their minds they knew that they wanted to see each other again.

They were two teenagers that were destined to be together when they first met on the second week of school.  They started talking and becoming friends when Riley who was Emily’s best friend started dating Liam just for fun and from there their relationship started.  They started talking every night and making small conversation at school. After a month or so passed they lost contact and stopped talking to each other but around February 14th Liam messaged Emily to tell her happy birthday and from 2 simple words a whole conversation had evolved.  Two days later Emily found out that it was Liam’s birthday so she messaged him to tell him happy birthday but the same thing that had happened two days earlier happened again.  But finally on the 18th of February Emily received a message from Liam and there was the big question “do you want to go on a date with me?”  She immediately replied yes and at that moment everything between them had changed.

They stated to learn everything about one another, started hanging out with each others friend’s as well as seeing each other at school. But there was still one thing that was stopping  them from talking to each other at school. The problem was that they weren’t allowed to be together because of the rules, but that obstacle just brought them closer together because from sneaking through corridors to making up different excuses just to see each other.  That scholastic year passed by like a blur and summer had rolled around.  That summer had its ups and down and most of the downs were because everyone was trying to get in their heads and telling them that they’re too young and that they won’t last very long together, but from the moment people started to think they were discouraging them, they wanted to prove to everyone that they were all wrong about them. Summer passed and they had a lot of great memories to look back at. 

Their love story didn’t end there and long story short they lasted. Ten years later, they got married and the following year Emily gave birth to twins; a girl and a boy. it didn’t stop there, because another year later, a baby boy joined the family. They proved everyone who  ever doubted them wrong, but most importantly, they were happy. They stayed together for over sixty years, and although they both passed away at the age of eighty, they both knew that they were going to meet each other once again in a place far, far away, where only pure souls travel to; Heaven.

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