Microsoft Edge Made Me Cry

Microsoft Reveals New Logo for Microsoft Edge -

In the last two night go Microsoft Edge auto-installed the new update, and it made me cry. The latest update doesn’t have the read-aloud feature. Due to me being dyslexic, I find it harder to read words by myself from a book. With it, I’m able to work because it reads e-books and stuff for me at whatever speed I desire.

When they did the new update, it can no longer do that. I tried to uninstall it to get the old one back, but the uninstall it, but the button is greyed. I tried to reach customer help from Edge, but no one helped me. Then I tried the readaloud app, but that didn’t work the way I needed to. I did ask the community for Microsoft, but no one could help get my old version back.

The thought that I might not be able to read the books I want causes me anxiety, and I fear that I’ll lose followers if I don’t review books and stuff. If anyone can help me, please let me know. For the time being, I think I will review movies instead of books next month, and I hope you still enjoy them.


16 thoughts on “Microsoft Edge Made Me Cry

  1. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. Actually, quite frustrated as you about it. Can you use Google Chrome? From what I understand, it has a read-aloud feature (an add-on) that you can try. I hope it works well for you, but if not, it may be good to try at least until you hear back from the Microsoft Community about Edge. Don’t give yourself too much pressure about the number of books you get through right now. Pace yourself. Do keep us posted.

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    1. There is a lot of behind the scenes that I don’t share with you guys because I’m scared to be seen as moaning


      1. I understand 🙂 But it’s good you reached out, too. Still pace yourself with the reading. Movie reviews are a great way to keep writing too as you work to get your software reading assistance back to is best level for you.

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  2. There are a large number of third party extensions to help with read aloud. As Edge is based on the same Chromium foundation Chrome is, I found this app, you can download this screen reader and install it into Edge and try that as an alternative. Chrome apps can work on Edge, though you may need help with someone who can easily read, to find, download, and test these apps, as you have to go the developer’s page to download and install. Hope this helps!

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  3. Hi, I found a solution for u bro!!!

    You can use the narrator, it is basically the same thing only it takes some time getting used to. you can launch it by pressing command, windows key and enter at the same time.

    here is the webpage i used to get my information.

    I really hope this suits you, let me know if it heped you out 😀

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