Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

If you ever thought whether a person could be in a way, get forced into a friendship? That’s what happened to Greg Gaines when his mum forces him to rekindle a friendship his child since Rachel has been diagnosed with leukemia. In the first few pages, we see Greg, who is in his last master of high school, trying to join every click or group that his school. Which at the start I was like can make up your mind? As I read a bit more, I sensed that Greg has this need to please everyone, which reminds me of myself at his age I just wanted to blend in.

With a passion for filmmaking, he and his friend Earl make homemade films, and that’s what lends for Earl to become Rachel’s friend too. Although I have to say that every time that someone complimented Greg, he would put himself down which on the one hand annoyed me but on the other hand, I do understand Greg because that’s something I do myself.

There were a few things that enjoyed while reading Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. One of them is seeing the character’s growth throughout the book. This book is written in different formats which, as a reader, I appreciate because it breaks down paragraph chunks and makes this novel easier and faster to read.

What bothered me how for granted the use of drugs like it is nothing bad. Thanks to Neville for gifting me this book and one life lesson I take away from this book is never to leave what I can today for tomorrow because tomorrow might be too late. I gave Me and Earl and the Dying Girl a three out of five stars.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
by Jesse Andrews



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