Writing Prompt

Something happened that destroyed your life. What are you going to do to turn your life around?. ( I challenge you to write a short story, of what happened and how or what will help you turn your life around).

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An Update And News

First of all, I want to thank everyone  for reaching 100 followers. This is bigger than my wildest dream and I have you to thank for, welcome to my family. On to the news, my friend and I are starting a thing called  Write Together. We meet in person or online depends on where you are. It’s all free and the reason I came up with this is that when I started writing I was just a child and couldn’t get any help since I couldn’t pay any writing fees. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to write a book it can be a blog post or anything related to writing. Will crate all the social media so we can put this project in place so stay tuned! If you need a push in your writing come join us.