Young Crush

Women Holding Hands
Image from Pexels

Going to a school

Where being queer

Was forbidden

Putting my heart in jail

Made me feel like a fail

So, my love for you

I had to keep hidden



2 thoughts on “Young Crush

  1. I was the worst kind—I knew I was lgbt (but closeted), but I was also a bible thumper and thought we should remain celibate if we couldn’t marry our best friend. I also bent the rules of “gender essentialism” to defend why I wore guys’ clothes because it was more “modest” as crop and halter tops were all the rage. I was 17 (a senior in high school), and the week or so before my birthday, the Sunday school teacher who was also my mentor went on this huge homophobic rant. That following Sunday I wrote a letter in Spanish to the guy and told him I was a lesbian and wasn’t coming back.

    Over 10 years later I would also first describe myself as “transgender” (up til then I usually described myself as the older, less preferred term for our community) in Spanish to one of our technicians when I learned she was lesbian.

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