Read-A-Thin November 2020

I know it’s last minute, but I decided to take part in Read-A-Thin.

What is Read-A-Thin?

I have actually been taking part in Read-a-thin since it started in 2017 and I try not to miss a round. Read-a-thin is a month-long readathon, and the aim is to read as many books on your TBR as possible in one month. To say that I’m excited about the reading sprints is underrated!

Challenges (Bingo Board)

This time around, the challenges kind of worried me because there is a bingo board as you can see below:

Instagram Challenges


This readathon is hosted by Amanda at Mauda the Bibleo and Donna at MomsBookCollection. It starts on November 1st. Use the hashtag #readathinnov20, so others taking part can see your post.


Well, I still don’t have one. On top of that, I don’t have anyone to buddy read. If you want to buddy read with this month message and I’ll share with you the 5,983 books I have on my kindle, and we pick a book from there. The only book I chose to read is Under Shifting Stars by Alexandra Latos.

Under Shifting Stars



22 thoughts on “Read-A-Thin November 2020

  1. Now I feel guilty for wanting to read from my (very over-extensive) To Read list, rather than write my Rough Draft in November (for NaNoWriMo)! 🙂
    Does this happen in other months, too?
    Happy Reading! 🙂

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      1. Thanks, Mom! 🙂
        My GR reviews are having some bizzare glitch on my side bar, and I’m behind in my weekly updates, but I’ll make more of an effort to make the book reviews more often!

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