Off The Topic Thursdays/ Flying

Leaving my country
After 11 years
Was exciting and equally scary
Something that I don’t do much
Is living in the moment
Which gives you a unique feeling
In a way, it felt like freedom
The kind you never want to end
But time was up
And I had to come back

Feather, Ease, Slightly, Blue, Airy, Close Up



3 thoughts on “Off The Topic Thursdays/ Flying

  1. I NEVER want to go flying again. American planes are cramped, food sucks, service even worse. People are inconsiderate. Went four months ago, more than a decade after the prior flight. Had no problem with our TSA, as my appearance and sex markers all line up…but OMG I’d rather take our godforsaken train service then go through that again. That or if my folks pay for my ticket, pay the difference for first class. At least they still have leg room, and I’m a shortie!

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