Memes That Will Speak To Every Writer!

When you have a story in mind but the characters can’t come to you.

When you’re on a deadline to finish a project and all you see in your brain is a blank page.

When you want to write so bad, but life takes over.

Sometimes the best cure is to just write whatever comes to your head.

This is what I picture when I talk about writer’s block.



An Update And News

First of all, I want to thank everyone  for reaching 100 followers. This is bigger than my wildest dream and I have you to thank for, welcome to my family. On to the news, my friend and I are starting a thing called  Write Together. We meet in person or online depends on where you are. It’s all free and the reason I came up with this is that when I started writing I was just a child and couldn’t get any help since I couldn’t pay any writing fees. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to write a book it can be a blog post or anything related to writing. Will crate all the social media so we can put this project in place so stay tuned! If you need a push in your writing come join us.


Do I get writer’s block?

As many of you already know, apart from blogging I am an author. The short answer to that is yes I do get writer’s block from time to time. Taking into consideration that I loved writing words from the time I learnt my ABC’s. I like to say that writing is in my DNA. However, I do still get blocks like every writer in my opinion. The most trick I use is the three w’s who, when and where. Who is the character that I’m creating or talking about, are they a hero or a monster, are they rich or poor? In other words, it helps you picture your character in your head. When is the story happening in the past, now or future? This question will also guide you in what ‘ tense,’ you are going to write in. Where is everything happening? Is it happening on earth or space or in history? Don’t be scared to ask questions in your head about your story or whatever you’re creating. If you tried all this and still have a blank mind, you need to put your head on something else. Don’t force it; it will come to you. As for my second book, I’m taking a break due to surgery and recovery. I’ll get back on it as my health will allow it.