In Tune

Image from Pixabay How can I be in tune?When you hurt me to the boneEvery time you are in my lifeYou use the love knife I moved by your commandBut you still don’t understandYou were my homeHowever, yours was the phone Now that I’m out of your cageCan I turn the pageDon’t come backTo add … Continue reading In Tune


Image from Pixabay After you told meThat I’m not enoughBecause of my disabilityWhich felt likeYou clawed my heartRight out of my chestRipped it into piecesAnd gave it back to meTo try and put it back togetherAfter months, years passedAnd I somewhat healedYou say you love meAnd want to go back together Alex

Top Ten Tuesday

Hosted by thatartsyreadergirl. November 27: Platonic Relationships In Books (friendships, parent/child, siblings, family, etc.) This is the first I read this year and the thing I remember liking is the relationship between Shane and his mother. Friendships at war, are what stood up to me in this book. The relationships in the Hunter family give me hope. … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday