Did WordPress Do Me Dirty?

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First of all, today, in Malta, we celebrate Worker’s Day, so happy holiday to you all. Second, I think WordPress did me dirty or caught me whole in a sinker, for lack of a better word right now. Last week, I saw that the premium plan had a sale, and it was the same amount as the personal plan, so I stupidly upgraded.

Now, before I continue, it’s fair to say that I never got paid for my blog. My ad section says it has 18.54c in dollars, and now WordPress only pays the creator when they earn 100 dollars. Having only made $18 and some change in 3 years, I don’t think I will ever get anything. No earnings isn’t what I have an issue with because I accepted that long ago.

My issue is this is my Wordads are gone, which shouldn’t be, and when you take a look, it says that ads are still being served, but the Average CPM has been 0.0 since the 20th, which isn’t typical in my case. I waited a few days to see if it was an upgrade, but it doesn’t look to be, so yesterday, I emailed WordPress, and they sent me instructions on how to activate ads, which of course, didn’t work. So, I sent them a reply saying so and asked them to fix it or put me on my original plan. I swear, this isn’t about the money. What it is about is that I feel that they are taking away something I’m paying for, which I find unfair.

Before I go, I’m curious are you seeing any ads on my blog?



20 thoughts on “Did WordPress Do Me Dirty?

  1. Have you tried to go into your ads section manually and switch them on and off? Because I had a similar issue when I upgraded but manually switching them off and then on helped fix it.

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      1. Oh I see, good luck. Hope they are able to fix the issue. It takes a while sometimes but if they didn’t reply it probably means they’re working on it.

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      1. Yes but that might be because I’ve tried to put an ad blocker on my laptop. OTOH I see ads on my blog so that doesn’t explain it. I’ve resisted getting a premium upgrade because I strongly suspect it isn’t worth it unless you sell a lot of stuff and I don’t

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