April Wrap Up 2023

Top Ten Tuesday/ Indie Authors

My Thoughts On Our Song (The Wilder Book 1) By Savannah Kade

Top Ten Tuesday/ Favourite Poetry

Off The Topic Thursdays/ Story Keeper

Book VS Movie Part 1

Top Five Wednesday/ Fictional Job

Uplifting Quotes By Celebrities Part 1

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I’m going to start with my favourite part, the books; the first few days of April, I was doing so well, nearly finishing two books daily. In fact, by the 15th, I had completed my Never-More board. Then the 15th came (surgery day), and I took five days break from reading while I was at the hospital since I was having a hard time focusing.

So, yeah, I don’t think I will be able to finish my TBR at 0. I also have added my TBR for readathin, so those will be read next month. Having said that, I’m writing this on the 21st, and I’m on my 25th read this month, so I’m aiming for 30 by the 30th. During my stay at the hospital, I watched some true crime documentaries on YouTube, and I can share my favourite stories and thoughts in a post if that’s up your alley.

Before I head to bed because it’s getting late here, I want to say that tomorrow, I will see my new chest for the first time, and I have more butterflies in my stomach than what I had this time last week (pre-surgery night). I couldn’t believe it was happening until they put me under. Hey, it’s the next day for me; I saw my chest for the first time, and I was still in shock that it really happened that I did not react. I decided to do poetry month next month so I can focus on recovery, writing and books.



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