Freebie Fridays #13

Hey Everyone,

As you know, I have been trying this new thing for me where I tell you about a book I loved and share a free ebook link to that book if possible.

Why I picked this book?

This book goes between generations to the point that the two go into one another, and it is being into the roots that went through the women that gave birth to workers of lands while enslaved. However, if you talk a closer look, each of them is a piece of thread that makes up the beautiful tapestry.

First Lines:

A pirate on the inland sea took me south.
“It’s a thing to behold,” he told me. “In truth I hadn’t seen free country till I saw that. You been to coloured church before, yes, but has your grain known a Negro gristmill? No. Not unless you been there. The ironmasters, the schoolteachers, even the dogs; all coloured. And the runaways flood in like spring and summer rains. Hobbling, mind you; running, holding their wounds, blood in their eyes. There in New Canaan or Dunmore, Buxton or up in the Queen’s Bush. There to rest their cracked feet. Heal unseamed wounds. They have time there, at long last; doctoring sometimes, but mostly just time, and bush-wild medicine from a hand like yours. And once healed, I tell you, in those towns they have a grace in the way they walk . . . like they know for certain that they reached where they meant to reach.

Goodreads Blurb:

In the 1800s in Dunmore, a Canadian town settled by people fleeing enslavement in the American south, young Lensinda Martin works for a crusading Black journalist.

One night, a neighboring farmer summons Lensinda after a slave hunter is shot dead on his land by an old woman who recently arrived via the Underground Railroad. When the old woman refuses to flee before the authorities arrive, the farmer urges Lensinda to gather testimony from her before she can be condemned for the crime.

But the old woman doesn’t want to confess. Instead she proposes a barter: a story for a story. And so begins an extraordinary exchange of tales that reveal an interwoven history of Black and Indigenous peoples in a wide swath of what is called North America.

As time runs out, Lensinda is challenged to uncover her past and face her fears in order to make good on the bargain of a story for a story. And it seems the old woman may carry a secret that could shape Lensinda’s destiny.

Traveling along the path of the Underground Railroad from Virginia to Michigan, from the Indigenous nations around the Great Lakes, to the Black refugee communities of Canada, In the Upper Country weaves together unlikely stories of love, survival, and familial upheaval that map the interconnected history of the peoples of North America in an entirely new and resonant way.

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