Off The Topic Thursdays/ The Why

Image is from Pixabay

Why spend the money

On our minorities

And not the greater good

They say

I say

Human rights are there

For everyone and

No life is worth

More or less than

The other



11 thoughts on “Off The Topic Thursdays/ The Why

      1. I think it was the new ep? From this past week or maybe it was last week. I had the stomach flu so everything kind of blends together. But the girl sent him fake pictures. He didn’t care that she was trans. He cared more that she lied

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      2. She made my plus size people look bad too. I hate when people use their sad story as an excuse. The thing that her ex-boyfriend said to her was really heartless and cruel, but the fact that she used it to swindle other people upset me. I wish I could teach people that no matter your size you deserve love.


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