Owner Of Pitbulls Thoughts

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 I was watching Pettie Nation on the Dodo; I have a soft spot for Pitbulls. Abby and Snow, my dogs, are a Pitbulls/German Shepherd mix. This thought might be singlehanded mine, but it reminds me of minorities in society since, more often than not, they are misjudged sometimes by a lack of understanding. The idea that Pitbulls are a fighting breed is a myth, and let me tell you why. Dogs, indeed, have a fighting spirit.

After all, they are relatives of the wolf. However, like wolves, they care about their pack more than any other animal. I don’t think I ever met such big teddy bears as my dogs. If you put your hand in their mouth, they open wilder to ensure they don’t bite you by mistake. One thing that was positive to us when the pandemic hit was that Abby and Snow were born just a few months before, so when we got on lockdown, we had the time to train them.

One thing I wish we did better at is leash training. My sister and her boyfriend had a habit of letting them off-leash. I wish we had exposed them to other pets because they aren’t a fan of other animals. When we need to take them to places like the vet, they misbehave, which is weird because they are pretty obedient dogs. Below, I will leave the Pitbulls videos I watched and fell in love with. Let me introduce Bea and Willie



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