Top Ten Tuesday/ Favourite Poetry

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April 18: Non-book Freebie (choose your own topic that’s not related to books! This could be hobbies, TV shows/movies, bands/singers, food items/recipes, top ten things about you, your top ten favourite things, places you’ve visited, favourite fashion designers, etc. Take this time to let your readers get to know you a little!)

So I picked some of my favourite writing poetry I wrote, so I hope you like too.

What Ifs

Of what ifs

Picturing life events

With a different outcome

Changing my life as

I know it

Whether good or bad

I don’t know

Because at the end

Of the day

They will stay

Just that what ifs

Mother Of Silk

The smoothest of silk

Is chosen for babies

From their mothers

Made to nature’s perfection

In the birth of a cocoon

To offer protection

Just like the one

In the womb

When Pain

Pain is a sign

Of being alive

Because it is

What the body does

To show us

That something isn’t

In order

In a living system

A Glass Bottle

A bottle of glass
Hold a hidden mystery
Full of colour
That won’t reveal
Itself until
It is shattered
In a billion pieces
And is face
Into the sky
Reaching the clouds
With their light

Our Eyes See Emotions

Our eyes see

A ton of image

On a daily basis

Of the life around us

And they need

To make a snap decision

On what emotion

To send to

Our mind

Body Curves

If body curves

Could have colours

They would be

The darkest of nights

Because no matter

How much

You try and wish

To hide them

They will always

Show in your

Rawest moments

That Little Sign

While I was at pride

Enveloped into sounds

Coming from different

Voices with their own path

With its colour

Giving a story

Then someone passed by

Holding a little sign

Saying trans rights

Are human rights

Which gave this

New sense of belonging


People assume like it is

In their nature

To do so

However, when the intention

Comes into the mix

Not to see

The reality from the mind’s fiction

It will create just pain

Victim Or Criminal

The victim deserves to find justice

The criminal needs to pay

The price for what

They did

What is hidden behind the scenes

Is the double-edged knife

On the families’ lifes

That comes with

No matter on which side

You are

Like An Onion

Life has multiple layers

Just like an onion is made

Raw it can sting

Like an open wound

That is yet to heal

But when you cook it

It goes sweet and soft

So, it is all on the point

Of view, that starts it off



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