My Thoughts On Our Song (The Wilder Book 1) By Savannah Kade

The reason I’m doing this review is simple yet weird, and I hope to explain all the middle parts on at least how I see them at least. This novel is one I got in 2016, so seven years while I was still in the phase, I would get any book as long as it was free. This is how you become a book hoarder. Anyway, this only rant is just for me to say that the cover didn’t appeal to me, so if it weren’t for a NeverMore prompt, it would never have gotten read. My thoughts might contain some spoilers.

The plot is straightforward; nevertheless, what stole my heart was JD’s daughter, Andie. At first, we see Audie wishing she has another dad, which I think is more like a coping mechanism, she uses to adapt to her new situation. Plus, losing a parent, with the cherry on top being dumped by the system on the other parent. Especially when such parent didn’t even know their child existed.

JD went from rockstar to single dad in a snap of a finger, and he had no clue how to take care of a child. In fact, his family encouraged him to give the child back to the system when it turned out that the child might not be his. When Kelsey and her kids came into the picture, she was able to install some parenting skills in JD and answer some of Andie’s questions.

I think Kelsey having the experience with her last husband, who had a disability, gave her a different insight into the world but also trauma. I dare say that I will think of those characters for a while, and I’m pretty sure that I would continue the series if it followed the same characters, but it doesn’t. I guess this was a reminder never to judge a book by its cover because, who knows, it might be a gem!



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