Here We Are…

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Professional fighters fight in the box to make a living, but the rest of us fight to stay alive. If this post sees the light of day means I will be MIA for a bit. Last February, I learnt that today might be the day that my life would change forever in a good way. It’s a day I dreamt about for years but thought it would never come since I had two hurdles to face, my health and an even bigger one, the system.

By now, I think you have guessed that I’m having top surgery ever since I had a tentative date; I find myself going back to a specific moment in my life when I looked down at my chest and wished it stayed flat. Not all after that, my body began to develop early. In fact, I had my first cycle at eight and a half.

I remember that day, and I couldn’t understand why everyone was happy for me while I was feeling this invisible and visible pain. The physical pain you get used to, but the pain in my mind used to feel like I was being dragged underground. Uplifting myself from that is one of the reasons I need the surgery. Thinking that there was possible of this happening, I found myself tearing up because I could taste my body’s freedom.

Hey, it’s me a few days after I wrote this post and the day before; it is supposed to come up tomorrow when I was meant to have surgery. The assistant doctor called last Tuesday to cancel surgery since the nurses here are on strike and more tests are needed. At the moment, I have more questions than answers, but hopefully, I will know more next week. I decided to post this because my feelings about it are still valid.



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