Gender In A Medical Setting

Image is from Pixabay

I have a feeling that I will get judged negatively on my thoughts, but deep down, I know they don’t come from a place of hate. I write them down, so they don’t keep turning in my head. A question I ask myself is, why do you share things online that are raw and private to you? The reason is that someone might be going through the same situation and feeling alone when in reality, they aren’t.

It’s rare to be misgendered while I’m dealing with clients in person at work, but from time to time, it still happens. There are two opinions to go about it either ignore it or correcting the person in a joking tone, and usually, people get the hint. My hair is close to buzzed, and I wear male clothing and thanks to testosterone, I have facial hair, and my voice is deeper, which are traits that society views as male. (I find it unfair and disagree with it).

So last week, I had a doctor’s visit for my hand since I have been having issues. It’s important to mention that in all my medical files, page one tells you that I have Cerebral Palsy and that my name is Alex adding a note that I’m transgender. The doctor came into the hallway and started yelling my dead name. I didn’t even realise he was calling me until the nurse told me I think he’s calling you.

Then I went into the room. I explained the issue I was having, and I also mentioned that I have spastic quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, which is why I can’t fully strengthen my arm. Not five minutes passed, that he asked again why I was spastic, so I gave up. He gave them treatment, and I left. Doctors like him are the reason why I have severe anxiety around doctors.



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