Spare By Prince Harry

I was never a fan of the royals due to what I think are outdated views on topics from today’s society, like race and the LGBTIQ+ community. Princess Diana is an icon to me, like many others, even if she was killed when I was around one. The reasons why she wasn’t that liked by the family didn’t and don’t make sense to me, especially since they are the exact reasons why she was so loved by the people.

When Harry spoke about his childhood and how he wasn’t given the same support because he wasn’t the heir, but the spare broke my heart. Of course, we don’t have William’s side of view because a memoir written with his own voice isn’t out yet. My sister and I got into a discussion when I told her that I was reading Spare; in her opinion, Harry has everything a person might want, therefore, has no right to complain.

I think he might have everything material-wise but not what he really needs, which is family support and perhaps therapy to help him deal with the loss of his mother. It’s sad to see him carry that trauma into his adulthood, and I find that the palace and the media seem to forget that celebrities and royals are people too. After his second and final tour fighting for his country, he suffered from bad PTSD episodes, and when he told his family, they weren’t the most supportive until he hit rock bottom. This memoir felt raw and honest, which is why I gave it four stars.


5 thoughts on “Spare By Prince Harry

  1. Yeah, I agree. This book really reminded me that celebrities are human and have feelings and needs that wealth and recognition don’t address.


  2. I read this recently too! And I completely agree with what you say. But I felt sometimes he tried too hard to be relatable and show how unlucky he was because he was the Spare. But he did still get to do a lot of privileged things, like going to Vegas for very expensive lads weekends, and having very famous friends who have helped him and Meghan out with housing. Like you said though, that privilege didn’t always get him what he needed most and that’s unfortunate.


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