True Crime Shows To Watch!

Image is from Pixabay

Seeing my reading stats at 77 books, and we are already in March might look like a lot, but since I’m used to reading around 600 plus books a year. Due to the fact that we still have limited internet access and no TV. Growing up, we didn’t have internet, and the local and Italian channels were cheap and; working families like mine could afford it back then.

Now the internet and tv services prices are pretty much the same, give and take here, at least, and If, like me, you are a fan of true crime shows, YouTube is a great source. With channels like 48 hours, you can find more than ten years’ worth of shows, and they upload pretty frequently. There is a channel called John Aylward, which updates all kinds of true crime shows for free. From experience, I find that YouTube does decent even with low WIFI.

I currently have four shows I search for whenever I can; season 2 of I AM A Killer, I believe that it is on Netflix worldwide, and it’s about killers that pleaded guilty, and now the inmates give their version of events. After, we also get the other side of the coin from the police and the victim’s family.

My next go-to is Crime Beat; when it started, episodes were posted on YouTube every Sunday, but sadly, the seasons weren’t uploaded on there, so I had no idea there were more seasons. For me, it’s interesting to see how police forces in different countries solve a crime; this series deals with Canadian crimes and laws. I would like to write a post about some of the cases, but not sure how to go about it or if my readers would be interested in something like that. So, let me know!



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