Bookish Notes And Highlights Part 2

Image is from Pixabay

I did a post like this one last December and asked you if you were interested in part two, and I won’t lie; I wanted to do part 2 straight away, but I was worried that no one would like it, so I waited. The post I’m referring to is bookish notes and highlights; to my surprise, people like me enjoyed that post. I read a ton, but for me to mark something, it has to either have a meaning to me or a memory connected to it.


“Getting it has been a danger to her, but it’s a lifeline to me.”

” he was in free fall. And that anger and loss – and the fear he had always refused to acknowledge, that the past with all its persecution and hatred was only a heartbeat away from becoming the present again”


“It’s beautiful to trust. It’s beautiful to open your heart. Don’t let that asshole take that away. He’s small and mean, and you’re huge with your beautiful, amazing heart.”

“I feel like we’re on one of those maps they used to draw before they figured out that the world is round. Those maps where they thought you fell off the edge.”


“If she were a colour, she’d be turquoise. Perfect on its own, but garish when combined with the wrong yellow. Colour has a way of hiding what’s underneath.”


“The old moon was getting ready for its new phase and its light appeared dimmer than he thought it should be.”

If you would like to have a look at part 1, you can click here.



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