Top Five Wednesday/ Sister Picks Books

Top Five Wednesday, which right now is taken over by the author Laura A Grace. Top Five Wednesday is a weekly book prompt that might help you pick your next read.

March 1st: Friend(s) Pick

Let’s “shake” things up for today’s prompt, shall we? For today’s Top 5 Wednesday prompt, have a friend(s) or family member(s) choose the picks you’ll feature! I told my sister to pick the books after I showed her a bunch of photos for my kindle.

Goodreads Blurb;

Can a technological glitch bring you more than headaches? What if it brings you lasting love? When an app messes with her travel plans, Hannah discovers a whole new world full of laughter and romance. TV writer Hannah Storm’s marriage is over, she’s just turned 30, and she’s lost her job. Overwhelmed with how her life has turned out, and suffering from writer’s block, she decides to throw caution to the wind and books a month in a rental home on an island off the coast of France, using a new app, Good Nights. But it’s pouring rain, and someone’s in her rental home. Hannah doesn’t quite get the Tripp she planned…this one has brawn, brains, and a hot British accent. Join Hannah and Tripp on their island adventures with this witty, touching, romantic comedy page-turner. It’s the perfect beach and holiday book; ideal for lounging by the pool in summer and curling up by the fire on cold winter nights.

Goodreads Blurb;

 the time you read this, I will be dead…”

A twenty year old murder… A Prime Ministerial Leadership Campaign… A paranoid, homeless ex-minister… A TV Evangelist with a murderous secret…

Detective Inspector Declan Walsh has had better days…

Recently blacklisted from the police for punching a priest on live TV (long story), D.I Declan Walsh is one step away from quitting the force for good – and privately investigating the mysterious death of his father, Chief Superintendent Patrick Walsh, who died shortly after writing a tell-all memoir of his time on the force.

But when his father’s old partner, Detective Chief Inspector Alex Monroe arrives with an offer, Declan is forced to take it. For Monroe now leads a City of London task force that concentrates on cold cases, and filled with officers just like Declan; officers that are too valuable to lose, but at the same time have a history in the force. Nicknamed ‘The Last Chance Saloon’, it’s currently investigating a decades old murder – and one that Declan’s father supposedly solved.

When Victoria Davies was pushed off her stately home’s roof in 2001, all evidence pointed to her husband, Michael. But now, twenty years later a letter has appeared, written by Victoria before her death; a letter that was never received, and a letter that brings new suspects into the fray; Labour MPs Shaun Donnal, Andrew MacIntyre and Charles Baker .

But two decades on, life has changed for these men. Donnal is now a paranoid alcoholic living on the streets of London, ‘Andy Mac’ is a popular YouTube Evangelist and Charles Baker is the current Conservative Secretary of State, and the bookie’s choice for next Prime Minister in the upcoming Leadership Election.

Now Declan and his new team must navigate a minefield filled with political intrigue, adulterous affairs, money laundering aristocrats and brutal, bloody murder, as each suspect leads them to a new problem and another skeleton to fall out of the closet.

And at the same time, as he investigates Patrick Walsh’s death, Declan learns that not only was his father connected to an old school London crime family, but also that Patrick (and by default Declan’s new boss, Monroe) might not have been as clean as people believed…

Goodreads Blurb:

“He was like if water caught fire—a beautiful anomaly. It was gorgeous. Danny wanted to exist inside that explosion and let himself be consumed by it.”

With his life upended at the sight of his cheating boyfriend, Danny Zhou flees across the country with two million dollars in his bank account, and a broken heart to mend.

Danny was never the sort of man who was supposed to make it rich. He was a simple guy with dreams of teaching literature, a cute husband, and maybe a dog or two. At the end of an accidentally viral app, everything he’d dreamt of doing went down the drain, and he learns just how true the saying is: “Money does not buy happiness.”

Uncertain where his future lies, Danny hopes to start over. He expects to do a lot of soul-searching, and thinks maybe volunteering at the Fire Station he’d worked at during his freshman year of college will help him find some direction. He most definitely does not expect Jamie, the stoic, gorgeous, Deaf fire fighter with a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas, and trust issues a hundred miles wide, who seems less than thrilled to have Danny on his team. Will working together lead to a happy ending, or will Danny find that true love just isn’t in his cards?

Goodreads Blurb:

This weekend should never have happened.

I didn’t ask for Ethan Holmes to suddenly reappear in my life after breaking my heart. He was my childhood friend, my first love. . . and I never wanted to see him again.

Then, his beloved Pops dies. And his last request?

That the two of us go on a final, weekend-long treasure hunt around Mirror Valley to revisit our childhood haunts.

I thought it’d be easy to keep my distance from Ethan. . .

Until I end up stuck in a car with the only man I’ve ever loved.

The Last Chance Road Trip is a short and sweet romcom novella that serves as a prequel to the Love In Mirror Valley series. You’ll find plenty of sweet kisses and sizzling chemistry, but no explicit content. Enjoy hilarious spider-related mishaps, a road trip adventure, all the second chance feels, and an HEA that will make you swoon.

Goodreads Blurb:

What could go wrong—four words MBA student Marcos Oliveira ignored when he accepted a prestigious internship at Reedweather Media, a subsidiary of the legendary Sandeke Telecom empire.

What did go wrong? Everything.

And when Marcos stumbles upon incriminating documents that signal corporate espionage against Sandeke’s son Martin, he suspects his strange intern wormhole has just exploded into chaos. When his alluring boss Eva draws him in to thwart the plot, he knows it.

After spending their lives overcoming adversity, can Marcos and Eva handle this latest threat? Even more perilous might be their losing battle against forbidden attraction.

His Ivy League education didn’t prepare him for spy games and illicit flames. Good thing he has the street smarts to work for it.



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