Reading Blog #3

Image is from Pixabay

I think I’m slowly but surely getting out of my reading slump my lack of internet access made me want to focus more on emails and posts, which is a blessing and a curse all in one. Then, my hand started to act up, so 48 hours episodes it was. When I thought I could be my life in order, sadly, something in my family which broke us. No matter how much I tried to focus on reading, it just couldn’t happen, but after watching a whole season of I Am A Stalker, I think I’m back on my book game.

Let’s start with The Ballerina & The Fighter by Ursula Sinclair. I liked Maze and Ivy as characters individually, but not necessarily how they were put together, but It felt like flash fiction with blank spaces in between. I think it would feel less rushed if it was slightly longer and more details were added to their backgrounds.

The characters Charlie and Nick from the series Heartstopper by Alice Oseman need no introduction to the book community. I finally got to volume four; however, this graphic novel comes with heavy trigger warnings for mental health and eating disorders before I continue. There has been the misconception that eating disorders can only happen to females, but sadly like almost everything else, this doesn’t have a gender. It was fantastic to see the care and love for each other grow even in hard times.



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