Blogging: Struggles and Tips

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Did you see this one coming? I’m doing this on a whim after just finishing yesterday’s post. Seeing how much I struggled, the first thing I want to say is that you will have no days, and I still have them even after five years of doing this. The key here is having the force of not giving up and being patient with yourself. We tend to be patient with others but not with ourselves. As you can see, the art of blogging has a ton of life lessons within it.

Posting at midday:

I don’t know the proper science behind it, but I’m sure it has something to do with time zones. I have tested it for nearly three months, and on average, I see an improvement in views. The thing I need to work on is keeping people wanting to come back.

Supporting the content of others:

One of the reasons that I think blogging won’t die like people keep saying it will is because of the community it has. While I agree that the blogging world has changed, but I believe it is still valid in today’s world. An issue I found since I had limited internet and time on my laptop. I tried to check as many emails as possible on my phone, but I found the blogs I couldn’t find on WordPress reader I couldn’t like or comment at all. This might be dumb, but I don’t know that not all browsers support WordPress. So, if you don’t know like me, you are welcome!



7 thoughts on “Blogging: Struggles and Tips

  1. Congratulations on 5 yeas of blogging. It is interesting, I noticed during COVID not many Bloggers wrote, I think with quarantine, there wasn’t mush to say. Now, I think Blogging is picking up again, I see a lot of new bloggers. You right, blogging is like anything in every day life, sometimes we feel inspired and sometimes we don’t, but I think if we are commited… somehow, we come up with some sort of a story/message each week.

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