Winter Weather and Our Health

Image is from Pixabay

It’s a cold winter; at least, it’s the coldest I have felt in a while. We are lucky that we were allowed to install air conditioning in the new place, and I was told that since it’s a reasonably new building, it will be slightly colder. I am unsure if it is accurate because I googled it, and it didn’t give me a definite answer. Here are some health issues caused by cold weather that you need to keep a watching eye on.


I just Googled why colds are more common in winter. The two answers that made sense to me were that since we tend to be indoors next to each other in winter, passing it from one to another is easier. The other one is that the flu virus is more potent in lower temps.


Hypothermia is when your body temp drops quicker than what the body can keep up with, and when this happens, the body system sends all the blood to your vital organs to keep you alive. I found it interesting that if the body temperature drops below 35°C, it is considered hypothermic; at 32°C, it is said to be in a severe state; if it falls too fast.

Heart Issues:

Like in hypothermia, the heart has difficulty circulating blood and oxygen in winter climates. As a result, this might can cause narrower blood vessels, so the heart needs to put more pressure in order to keep our everyday function.

Okay, I have been working on this post for days, and I still feel something is missing, but I don’t know what it is, so leaving it as is. If you have made it so far, thank you so much for reading.



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