Weekend-A-Thon: Extended Part 2

Good morning,

I don’t know if I should feel bad, but I did like the kids more than their parents in Sleepover by Serena Bell. I also think it would have a cute, clean romance since, in my opinion, the steamy parts weren’t really needed here. Then, I read To Be His by Terri L. Austin and First Taste by Mira Bailee, which were okay but not the best erotica I have ever read,

I’m reading the backlog from my kindle, which means books I got for free in 2015, and, indeed, I know nothing about. I’m on my 44th read this month, so I think my aim of 45 read books by tomorrow is reachable. My current is Picture Perfect (Weddings by Design) by Janice Thompson, which I’m liking, and I have about 82 pages to go.

Writing-wise, I finished my post for tomorrow, so I should be good to go for this month by doing two more posts. After that, I should start working with some ideas I have for poetry month, aka February. So, it would be cool if someone could join a reading/writing sprint.

Discord link here


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