Top Ten Tuesday/ Another Bookish Goals Post?

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January 17: Bookish Goals for 2023

Here is a current issue I have. I keep adding reading/bookish goals/challenges in posts and forgetting them. So, I think this is the right post to put them all in one place. Anyway, I’m hoping this will be the last one for bookish goals.

Read one middle grade like this one.

Goodreads Blurb:

Moon has been plunged into a swill of uncertainty and confusion. They travel to the spirit realms every night, hoping never to return to the world of the living.

But when the realm is threatened, it’s up to Moon to save the spirit world, which sparks their own healing journey through the powerful, baffling, landscape that depression can cause.

From this novel’s very first utterance, author Kacen Callender puts us behind Moon’s eyes so that we, too, are engulfed by Moon’s troubling exploration through mental illness.

Moon’s mom is trying her best, but is clueless about what to do to reach the ugly roiling of her child’s inner struggles. At the same time, though, there are those who see Moon for who they are – Blue, the Keeper, the Magician, Wolf. These creature-guides help Moon find a way out of darkness. The ethereal aspects of the story are brilliantly blended with real-world glimmers of light. Slowly, Moon grows toward hope and wholeness, showing all children that each and every one of us has a tree growing inside. That our souls emerge when we discover, and fully accept, ourselves.

Drawn from the author’s own experience through depression as a young person, this carefully orchestrated, unique novel is deeply spiritual. Moonflower will challenge you to think beyond traditional storytelling – to reach. To weep. To discover. To cheer this feat of nuanced writing that speaks directly to the heart.

Taking part in Readathons more, speaking of, which I was hosting a weekendathon, but nobody said something, so I guess I won’t.

Read Backlist from 5 stars authors.

Read from indie / lesser-known authors.

Read 100 books from your kindle; you and I know it’s overflowing.

Read at least 50 2023 releases.

Be more up-to-date about what releases are coming out.

Read more non-fiction.

Grab memoirs; they teach you a ton.

Pick up with reading blogs.



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