Reading Blog #2

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I’m doing things upside down this week, but it looks like it will be this year’s theme. So, let’s start with my current read, Ginger Snapping All the Way (Mission City #1) by Gabbi Grey is my phone read. I tend to pick a novel randomly that I read while I’m waiting or something. If I hadn’t finished it by the time I completed reading Wayward Children’s Series, I would switch Ginger Snapping All the Way from my phone to listening to it on my laptop.

The Lost One: A Russian Legacy by Penelope Haines was another five stars for me this year; it looks like five stars more freely given by me. To be honest, I think this one deserved it, and it had the right amount of history and mystery that goes between generations for me to keep the pages turning. By the end, I thought this was a gem, and I didn’t know I had it on my kindle. As I said in a reading sprint, I liked School for Spirits: Pretty Dead Girl by Aron Lewes, which is book 8 in Spirit School Series; however, like always, there is a, but I wished the characters were slightly more mature to deal with some topics that being discussed.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin and Where Wild Peaches Grow by Cade Bentley gave me the same vibe. I enjoyed the story as a whole, but the intertwined plotlines didn’t connect to me. I also finished The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, and some of the questions I made remained unanswered. The Woman in Cabin 10 is the only Ruth Ware novel I read, and it left me unsure if I liked their writing or not.


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