The 5th Year of Blogging

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Technical, my blog anniversary was yesterday, but I was in the mood for a bookish post which you got. Community-wise, I think the platform changed, and like in life, some of it is good, and some aren’t good at times, but that’s how life goes. Every year I write this post, I say how I started my blog as a way of therapy which is true, but my passion for writing started way before. Back then, my teachers couldn’t figure out how smart I was, but I couldn’t spell or read to save my life. Many thought I was doing it to get attention until I got tested for Dyslexia.

My mum has a hard time reading, and writing showed me how she does, which allowed me to find a way to read and write. I remember my eight-year-old self running with little notebooks writing misspelt random sentences so that I could build the world that lived in my head at the time. I have fond memories of that period.

I stopped altogether in my early teens because I believed it would be worthless if nobody reads it. After all, no one cared about what I had to say. Looking back now, I think I needed writing the most back then. A year or two later, I started writing poetry for my friends and began to relearn how writing made me feel. I bottle things up, so when I began to transition, I needed an output hence how Dear was born and a year later this blog.



29 thoughts on “The 5th Year of Blogging

  1. Congrats on the 5 year mark. I am interested on how you got 70 likes on this article. It’s a good! I have like 8 and I am an artist and try. I feel lost not sure where to go. I want this. Any tips?

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  2. Happy 5th anniversary/blogoversary or however you want to call it 😁Congratulations on building such a community of readers and expressing yourself this way. I wish you many more blogging years to come and thank you for always stopping by my own blog and liking my poems 😊

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