Apple Of My Eye Movie Rant

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I just started the Apple of My Eye, and I knew I needed to write my thoughts. Bailey is a horse rider, and whilst she was practising, she had an accident. She stood up and acted like nothing had happened, which of course, wasn’t the case. She tried to hide it from her parents but of course, doing everyday life stuff in the dark isn’t easy, so her parents found out.

They took to the eye doctor (yea, I know it isn’t the correct name, but I can’t even pronounce it, let alone spelling it). For once, I’m not trying to be Mr Perfectionist, and it’s a way to teach myself to stop being ashamed of being dyslexic. It might make me a better writer; who knows? Anyway, back to the movie, I can’t imagine what it feels like to be able-bodied to get a disability suddenly. As someone who was basically born with one still find it hard to adapt at times.

Bailey’s parents forced her to go to guide dog school as a way to help her accept her new situation. It’s fair to say that it mustn’t be for the parents easy for them either. Sadly, Bailey couldn’t connect with any of the dogs in training; luckily, the centre coordinator had an ace to play in the form of a mineral horse. It was funny how she managed to hide Apple until they got home.

It’s a modern-day issue, and we get so focused on our devices that the things around us are lost to us. By the way, I find the name Apple super cute. While watching, I remembered that I wrote a post about service animals apart from dogs a while ago and if I’m not mistaken, mineral horses were on the list. So, I’m sure that some points from this movie are based on real life. In my opinion, getting any disability representation is positive. Of course, I can’t comment on the visual disability aspect because it isn’t something I’m super informed about. I rate it a ten out of ten.

PS: Curious killed the writer here, and the proper name of an eye doctor is an ophthalmologist; thanks, Google.



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