Hey Everyone,

I’m excited, yet scared about this one. While I did start writing page one of my new project, I still left it at that, and that has been a few days now. In my defence, something happened that caused what I think was an anxiety attack, and I was alone. Luckily, I taught myself techniques that work for me. I do light tipping on my stomach to help refocus my mind, and it helps me with my spasms. I find that taking a mint helps settle my stomach.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this. I’m hosting a readathon /writeathon, depending on whether you are a reader, writer or both. It will be between the 20th and 22nd weekend. I picked that weekend because it is the weekend before my birthday, and I want to hang out with you apart from my family. I’ll be doing some sprint reading and some writing. It will be six years since I came out, so that’s one more thing to celebrate.

I’m doing two prompts:

  1. You do you

Reading/Write whatever you are in the mood for

  • Looking forward to

Read a book you are looking forward to.

I’m unsure where to do sprints, but I have discord, Twitter or Instagram you guys pick; I hope someone joins, or I will make my sister come read with me.

3 thoughts on “Weekend-A-Thon

    1. Yea, it’s more trying to be productive and sharing tips sort of thing but no one can join it is I wanted to try out, on the 13th it will be 5 years of blogging for me too


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