Goals for 2023!

I thought starting the year with a few goals to act as a sort of guide is an excellent way to move ahead. For the last few months, I have been blogging on a whim which, more often than not. I end up posting about reading and books, which is my comfort zone, and it doesn’t take a ton of research behind it. Don’t get me wrong, and I like these kinds of posts since they hold a lot of freedom. However, I miss sitting down and researching that topic before writing about it.

Bookish Goals:

Finish some series of books you loved.

Learn how to use Storygraph better.

Participate in more readathons.

Read more 2022 releases because so many came out that I didn’t get to.

Read more indie and new to me authors.

Make bookish friends and join buddy reads.

Stop worrying about how long a book is; if you want to read it, read it.

Blogging and Writing Goals:

Keep experimenting.

Writing in freedom.

Stop worrying about followers and views

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself

Keep reminding yourself you are a worthy writer.

Socials Goals:

I have been trying to stay on my posting and liking content, but I’m not always successful there.

Somewhere I read that one of the tricks to get more views on your blog is to publish around noon your time, which has something to do with the world clock. Anywhere, I have been trying it out but not long enough to see if it works.

What are some of your goals?



12 thoughts on “Goals for 2023!

  1. My goals is to keep writing, take good care of myself, and read all my unread books in my house. I keep getting more and more books from the library but I have a bunch of randoms at the house I picked up here and there.

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      1. That’s the best thing to reach for. Don’t set too many rules for your life, you’re bound to be disappointed now and then. Just get up each day and see what’s going on. You can only fail yourself, you know. Your readers are happy with anything you do. Don’t be so hard on yourself and just play and have fun. Try new stuff and don’t worry about what other people think.

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  2. My favorite goal for 2023 was bench pressing 300 lbs. I thought itbwas a worthy and challenging, yet doable goal. I got to January 6th, and after researching a little bit on form, I benched 300 lbs. 6 days into the year!! So I guess the new goal is 350 lbs by the end of the year.

    There are far more goals, but I just thought that particular one was funny

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