Blogmas Day 24 The Noel Diary Movie Review

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What happens when a bestselling author has everything he ever wants? Then, one day out of the blue, he gets a call from a lawyer saying that his mother has passed and left her estate to him and everything within it. What was interesting to me was he couldn’t believe such a human thing as death was happening to him. In fact, at first, he thought the call was a prank.

When Jacob Turner goes back to his childhood home, it was like going into a time machine fulfilled with the memories his mum left behind. He sees this woman across the road; here is where we meet Rachel, and as it turns out, Rachel has a real-life mystery like the ones he writes in his novels. Rachel is adopted and is looking for her mother, and the connection between them is that Rachel’s mother was the family’s nanny.

Jacob finds Rachel’s mum’s diary while on a road trip to go to Jacob’s dad to ask him about Rachel’s dad. We also see a male struggling with his emotions and having questions about his relationship with his father, the man he swore never to speak to again. And of course, like in everything holiday movie, we get some romance and a dog called Eva. It is a reminder that the holidays can be a time of healing or the beginning of accepting the scar the pain left behind. The Noel Diary movie is based on a novel with the same title by Richard Paul Evans. The book I haven’t read, but I gave the screen adaptation 5/5 stars.



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