Blogmas Day 17 The Shoutouts I Spoke About!

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In early November, I asked my readers to share with me who were their favourite bloggers so I could give them a shoutout. I’m shocked that that post was the most viewed last month, and it made me really happy because it shows two things: One, that the phrase blogging is dying isn’t entirely true. It might not be the best way to earn an income. However, there is still a community within this platform. The second thing is that bloggers are still willing to support each other. So, if you still have done it already, check out this list of bloggers.

Lifesfinewhine is the first blog you put in the comments; Pooja is one of the most prominent bloggers I follow. Her content is fantastic; my favourite work is her poetry and all I eat in a day.

Runemanations is a recent find for me; he picks a word randomly and writes a poem with it, which is an excellent concept; thanks to the thearcheorizer for telling me about it.

Similarly to Pooja, I have been following Be Inspired from the very beginning of my blogging career or whatever you want to call it. They are supportive, and I love the tips they give in their post.

One of the most famous poetry blogs around here is Grace Of The Sun, and rightly so because their writing is magical.

The next blog I have to mention is Flippant, Comic, and Serious by Don Matthews. He typically writes funny poems but with meaning.

The last blog that was shoutout was Oddball Thinks, and I won’t lie, I didn’t know about them until I checked them out, and they do have a pretty way of writing.

I don’t think I forgot anyone; if I did, I’m so sorry, but yea, shocking, this post took me more than a week to write and put me in a content slump. Before I go, I want to say one more thing; it’s close to unexplainable how grateful I am to anyone that ever supported me.



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