Reindeer Readathon Update #1

Image is from Pixabay

I’m torn if I should post about my reading week because there isn’t much I have to say. I read 11 books with a few surprises. I wasn’t expecting No Way Out by Rylie Dark and 30 Days of Justis by John Ellsworth to keep me as hooked as they did. By the way, am I the only one who read so many holidays reads that I was fed up with it by the first of December?

Last Sunday, I watched Christmas at the Palace, which was just magical and what I needed. During the week, I joined some reading sprints and one on YouTube hosted by the two Pams @thisbookbelongstopam and @pamsshenanigans. I also joined the reading sprints on Discord and made some bookish friends.

For more daily updates, you check out my Instagram. So far, I have managed to do it daily; we will see next week. I have completed all my prompts and submitted all my points for Reindeer Readathon, but I think Team Snowflake is still stuck in last place.



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