Holiday Reads Mini-Reviews Blogmas Day 10

I want to write about these two novels, but I was worried that I didn’t have enough to say for a post review of only one, so here are two mini-ones. They have a few things in common like they are both set in a small village where everyone knows everyone and all become like one big family. In small towns, secrets don’t stay hidden for long.

Before I go into the characters in Christmas at the Little Village Bakery by Tilly Tennant, I have to say that Tilly’s writing is beautiful, yet there is always a bit; I felt that the chapters were way too long and nearly made me give up on it altogether, but it might be my issue. I like Spencer and Tori together, and in my head, they sounded cute anyway. What bothered me was how the author wrote about Darcie’s and Millie’s feelings for Dylan. I gave it three stars.

Cassie Hayward isn’t a fan of Christmas, yet her grandma had other plans. Cassie thought she was going to Poppy Creek to read grandma’s will, and that would be it; little did she know with the inheritance of a Victorian cottage comes a holiday calendar.

The calendar has 24 challenges she needs to do in order to inherit the cottage, and Cassie needs to sell the cottage so her mum can go to rehab. Of course, things become more complicated when she meets lawyer Luke Davis because we all know that opposites do attract. The movie I paired, The Clause in Christmas (Poppy Creek #1) by Rachael Bloome, is The Holiday Calendar on Netflix, and my end rating is four stars.



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