Top Five Wednesday/ Series I Love Blogmas Day 7

Top Five Wednesday, which right now is taken over by the author Laura A Grace. Top Five Wednesday is a weekly book prompt that might help you pick your next read.

December 7th: Ongoing Series You’re Still Loving

Sometimes we pick up new series at the start of the year and realize after a few volumes, the series might not be a good fit for us. Other times we try new series and absolutely love it more with every new release! What ongoing series have you continued to love as this year comes to a close?

This year I have a few series I want to talk about, so here we go:

Murder in the Mix Series by Addison Moore is a cosy mystery, and I read most of the series; however, I wouldn’t read back to back as I did; each novel is too similar to the other.

A series I started and finished was Detective Kaitlyn Carr Series by Kate Gable, and I like Detective Kaitlyn Carr and the sense of wanting to know what will happen.

The way Carol Wyer wrote Detective Kate Young is what kept me hooked, and I’m keeping an eye open for the next book next year.

I loved Addison Clarke’s characters in the Moonflower Cove Series and can’t wait for more.

Like a lot of readers, I love detective Washington Poe, and Tilly gives me vibes from Abby from NCIS, and I need more from M.W. Craven when it comes to Poe and his team.



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