November Wrap Up 2022 Blogmas Day 1

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His Pair Of Shoes

The Bird In Us

Okay, here, welcome to Blogmas; it’s only fair to start December with a wrap-up of November, right? However, there is a little problem. I’m still in October since November was poetry month, and I had many thoughts in my head that words just flew out, which is what I needed to do. This might sound crazy, but while I was writing Turning Paige, I started building a new plotline with a character that made it into two scenes as the main character.

So, even if Turning Paige sits unedited on my laptop, I don’t think I can edit it myself, and I’m leaving there for the time being. NaNoWriMo has another round this November, but I don’t think I can write a whole novel in one month, even if my style is in verse. Especially since I hope to start moving and I only have the bear idea of the main characters. I’m hoping that by the end of this wrap-up, I can tell you I have a beginning, at least.

I haven’t seen the new apartment in person; one other thing I hope I can say has changed by the end of this. The room I’m most excited about is the kitchen. It’s the first time in my life that I have a kitchen that I can use. Both the counter and the table are accessible, which is something, so far, I have only dreamed of.

Reading-wise, I have 35 books on my TBR, and I have four days left in September. By the first of November, I hope it will be down to 30, so it will be like a book a day, and I have already read the larger books I had, so I think I’m on track. Update, I read all 35 books, and you can see a new TBR tomorrow, confession time; I read them too. Life-wise, I have not moved and still haven’t seen the place. I did have an appointment with my specialist, and I won’t lie; I still haven’t processed the information she gave me. Like more writers, I have to write to process and haven’t had time to do it.



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