Art and Music

Image is from Pixabay

The musician and the artist

Expressing the way

They see life

Through their medium

With paint and music

As a way

To fall in love

After an extra push

From the magical Gods

One thought on “Art and Music

  1. My favourite colours are blues, most of my exercising comes out in blue that my landlady made a remark about it. Blue for me is cool, relaxing, peaceful, my flowers tend to be blue thou my mum keeps remarking roses are red… bugger… I “see what I feel” when at the drawing board… and yes, once we dive into that creative mood, we are Guided… for self appreciation or for others.
    During high school music appreciation was a compulsory subject, I hated it, to these date I not comfortable with some classicals, tend to depress me while I listen to Jeremy Blake and I float in heaven… his inspiration to create is divinely dictated.

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