Art and Music

Image is from Pixabay

The musician and the artist

Expressing the way

They see life

Through their medium

With paint and music

As a way

To fall in love

After an extra push

From the magical Gods


2 thoughts on “Art and Music

  1. My favourite colours are blues, most of my exercising comes out in blue that my landlady made a remark about it. Blue for me is cool, relaxing, peaceful, my flowers tend to be blue thou my mum keeps remarking roses are red… bugger… I “see what I feel” when at the drawing board… and yes, once we dive into that creative mood, we are Guided… for self appreciation or for others.
    During high school music appreciation was a compulsory subject, I hated it, to these date I not comfortable with some classicals, tend to depress me while I listen to Jeremy Blake and I float in heaven… his inspiration to create is divinely dictated.

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