October Wrap Up 2022

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Today is the 15th of October, and I’m writing my October wrap-up because part of me wants this month to be over. Luckily, I had already planned to do poetry month in November because I need to let stuff out. The stories and words in my head help me get that boost I need in my life right now. In fact, I already wrote a few, and I don’t know why, but my words are feeling raw and vulnerable, which isn’t something I’m fond of, but I know that it’s good to be like that sometimes.

It’s an excellent reminder to remember that I’m human, not a robot. As I said yesterday, I gave in and went to the dentist after I could no longer bear the pain and the sleepless nights. As dumb as I felt, I’m grateful that they retaught me how to brush my teeth properly. Fingers crossed that doing the right way will improve my gum health. If my mouth isn’t better by the next visit, I will be pretty defeated.

This month marks two years that I’ve been on hormones, and the question that people ask me the most is, which is the more significant change you experience? My answer is always my mental health, pre-testosterone I had some pretty dark thoughts, so I can say that in the area, I’m doing much better. Something I have been upset about is all my friends getting top surgery, and I have been fighting for five years, and I haven’t gotten it done.

Reading-wise, I have read 17 so far. I’m guessing I will read something like a book a day on average, so about 15 more. Currently, I have 52 novels on my TBR, so I think I will aim to finish my TBR by December. Holiday books, here I come. I’m also ten books away from reaching 500 books this year; it isn’t a small amount, but last year I read 703. Plus, in November, there is another round of Readathin, so I need to find a way to participate.



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